Identify Your Most Active Prospects.

What is First Party Data?

First party data is considered the King of Data. Taking control of first party data should be a priority for any business who wants to monetize, learn from, and use this asset to scale valuable audiences, deepen understanding of prospects and improve metrics across all marketing efforts.
Second party data is basically someone else’s first party data.

Third party data is what you buy from outside sources that are not the original collectors of the data.

Why is First Party Data so Valuable?

First Party Data is the most valuable kinds of data that businesses can collect. 

Businesses can use it to learn more about their prospects interests, preferences, characteristics, behaviors and intent. Its used to predict future behavior, improve targeting, enhance marketing campaigns and personalize content.
Here are a few examples that make first-party data so valuable:

- It's Relevant: it comes straight from your audience.
- It's Available: website visitors and CRM.
- It's Accurate: its gathered via company owned assets.
- It's Affordable: first party data is a highly cost-effective value.

How can it be used?

- Gain Prospect Insights.
- Track Prospect Behavior.
- Personalize Campaigns & Content.
- Effective Paid Media.
- Create Quality Look-a-like Audiences.

Best of all... You OWN it.

What is Identity Resolution?

Identity resolution is foundational for discovering customer insights. It requires collecting and linking data to an individual Person and then triggering that information to engage them in the perfect time with the perfect message via the right channel.  

The most innovative businesses are using increasingly complex, next-gen People-Based "Identity Graphs" that include demographic, behavioral, financial, lifestyle, purchase, and other information. The information is gathered from numerous sources, such as purchase transactions, surveys, email providers, public records, and device ID providers. 

Any business or marketing professional that asserts or aspires to be "Customer Obsessed" needs to get Identity Resolution right. 

When you do, the competitive advantage is REAL.

Here are some Bite Sized Details...
Get Their Name, Email, Physical Address, Phone #'s, Websites, Secondary Emails, Secondary Phone #'s, LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Real estate, Demographics, Cars, Plus more. 
We Can Deliver the Following to You...
  • Name, Email & Phone Numbers
  • ​Addresses & Social Media Links
  • ​... and Much More!
  • What are YOUR Data Needs?
Extend Your Reach...
First Party Data & Identity Graphs extend advertising's reach up to 50 percent or more. This increases the potential for cross-sells and upsell opportunities
Audience Knowledge...
To reach your most profitable audiences you must understand they are constantly moving, shifting and weighing options.
Know Your Customer...
First Party Data & Identity Resolution helps you be certain about who is on the other end of the connection via a browser, mobile, or physical location.

Personalize Experiences...
You must understand with complete confidence WHO your prospect is or you can't personalize your messages to match their path to purchase for their desired solution.
Customer Respect...
Using First Party Data &  Identity Resolution in the wrong way or misidentifying people can lead to an intrusive perception or even a really creepy experience.

Maximize Ad Spend...
First Party Data & Identity Resolution helps you market more efficiently and spend less to get the same or better... results. It also reduces the "spray and pray" model that eats up your budget and makes business growth impossible.

Omni-Channel Marketing...
With you can turn your visitors into a permanent and portable audience (you OWN it) and start marketing to them in ALL the channels, online and offline.
Stop Audience Loss...
Without First Party Data & Identity Resolution you pay 100% for your audiences but you only get 3% of the conversion, 97% of your  traffic is lost AND you don’t get to keep your data. 
Privacy Law Compliant...
Our First Party Data & Identity Resolution uses industry best practices that guarantee your data is matched in ways that are ethical, compliant, respectful and privacy protected. 

Your Brand Status...
Your connection with your prospect is strengthened when you accurately identify and engage them in personalized ways.
Real Measurement...
Getting First Party Data & Identity Resolution right lets you measure results and capture a prospects’s action as they move between your online & online messages towards their purchase.
Know "exactly" who is behind the screen visiting your website/store!
As consumers bounce relentlessly across an increasingly wide array of devices and applications, the data trail they leave behind becomes more and more fragmented. 

And that’s a problem for businesses who are often left wondering...

Who Exactly is the Person behind the screen visiting us?

Let's talk about Lost Opportunities...

Somehow you Trust Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, Yahoo, LinkedIn and EVERY AD NETWORK to provide You with Solid Actionable Audience Data.

You currently pay 100% for your traffic but only get 3% of the conversion, 97% of your website traffic is lost forever AND you don't get to keep your data, as you already know with Facebook your audience expires after 180 days and Google isn't any better.

The "Cookie Apocalypse" is at hand.
With First Party Data you'll be able to "know" who 50% of your website visitors are and "knowing" is a powerful competitive advantage.

You keep your First Party Data (not the Ad Networks) to use any time and within applicable laws. 

You're in Control! 

NOT the Ad Networks.

"Identity Resolution isn’t just a trending hot-topic in the industry, it is a strategic imperative and fundamental enabler for customer experience”. Forrester report

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