Solar Retargeting Email
Send Email Campaigns to your Website Visitors
WITHOUT having Their Email Address...
No Lead Magnets or Contact Forms Required - 55% Visitor Match (will be 70% by EOY 2018).
54 Second Video
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You've read about the coming of Machine Learning,
Artificial Intelligence & The Internet of Things.
Now you can start using it!
1st Party Data - 100% Privacy & CAN-SPAM Compliant!
What are you doing about the 97% of your website visitors who leave without taking action?
Our Solution.... 

We translate your anonymous website traffic into Real People actively looking for Solar and send your email marketing sequence to them without you having to capture their email address!


Retargeting Email uses:

- Agnostic Smart Pixel (outside the walled gardens of Ad Networks)
- Proprietary Big Data Interest, Behavior and Intent Tracking
- Solar URL Navigation
- Solar Content Consumption
- Social Media Engagement for Solar
- Transactional Hash Tracking (Real People NOT Bots)
- Hashed Email Addresses (encoded)
- The Largest Privately Owned Identity Graph (200 Million US Consumers)

You'll be able to convert your anonymous website visitors into Solar customers by sending them personalized direct email campaigns (direct mail to their physical address coming soon).

Move from B2B or B2C to B2H!
Finally, Human to Human - People Based Marketing
This service is best for Solar Firms with organic traffic to their website AND who are using Paid Advertising.
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